Technet_nano is a “one-stop-shop” providing you easy access to 12 research and development facilities with 8 cleanrooms.  Together we are matching your needs to complement your innovation process with micro- and nanotechnology.

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Technology consultancy
Take advantage of the consultancy services offered by our Technet_nano partners. Benefit from a high level of expertise and experienced professionals within the partner organisations.

Characterisation / Analytical services
Take advantage of the overlapping analytical service tools that can be found in the database. Our Technet_nano partners offer know-how and equipment for characterisation and analysis purposes. You benefit from having access to optional facilities at other conveniently close partner facilities, in case a facility is occupied. This will also provide you with an opportunity to compare experimental results from different partners’ facilities.

Processing services
Make use of the sample processing offered by our Technet_nano partners. You can use the clean rooms or laboratories with their or your own staff. Benefit from the overlapping processing services in many of the partners. For you this means when one facility are occupied at one of the partners, you will get optional facilities in another conveniently close partner's facility.

Feasibility studies
Benefit from high level experts within the Technet_nano network and avoid potential failure - our Technet_nano partners offer conducting feasibility studies for you.  We will provide excellent consultation on the feasibility of you R&D proposal and on the feasibility of specific experimental investigation methods.

Proof of concept studies
Benefit from the valuable opportunity to prove the viability of a concept before entering into production - our Technet_nano partners offer suitable facilities and services for proof of concept studies.

Control the quality of the product and prevent possible failures in mass production – to help you with this our Technet_nano partners offer prototyping of products. We will support you with synthesising the prototypes - a decisive factor especially when developing new concepts that have never been experimented with before. In addition, prototyping helps proof of concepts or theoretical models.

Small series production
Benefit from having the chance to test and market your production before engaging in larger scale production - our Technet_nano partners offer the execution of small scale production.

R&D projects
Take the chance to develop new products, investigate new scientific ideas and contribute new information or knowledge to scientific community, together and with the active support of our experienced Technet_nano partners.

Equipment for rent
Benefit from renting specific high-tech machines available in the Technet_nano laboratory area. Rent the instruments directly if you have got professionals that are able to run the machines or let our Technet_nano partners help you with your work. In some cases, you can rent machines and work with them yourself after training.

Lab area for rent
Benefit from conducting a wide range of experiments at our facilities. Our Technet_nano partners offer lab area, clean rooms and specific machines for rent.

Funding advice
Request the latest information and relevant advice regarding the funding of your business ideas. Our Technet_nano partners are particularly competent regarding funding from the government side.

IPR advice
Benefit from our experienced professionals in the network who can offer advice related to issues of patenting and IPR advice as well as the latest developments from the IPR office or media. Take advantage of our committed transnational network since IPR issues vary in each country.

Training and further education
As a majority of the partners are from academics, our Technet_nano partners offer training and further education. In our laboratory facilities, we offer you training for specific methods or machines so that you can run machines or work under the partner’s supervision. Take advantage of the diverse range of workshops listed under thematic workshops, where we will inform you about specific topics and methods.


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