Materials Science Engineering (MSE) 2014

2014-09-23 - 2014-09-25

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23-25 September 2014

Location: Darmstadt, Germany

Language: English

Organiser: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde

Do not miss this exellent occasion to communicate with the interesting community to discover its directions, priorities and opportunities. The new MSE will create an atmosphere in which young talents get the opportunity to mix with professors and industries. More information.

The organisers invite prospective authors to submit an abstract for a lecture (12 min oral presentation / 3 min discussion) or poster relating to the congress topics. The abstracts will be evaluated and, if accepted, the authors will be informed about their assigned type of presentation (oral or poster).

Especially young scientists are welcome to actively contribute to the congress by submitting an abstract.

The submission deadline for the abstracts is 28 February 2014. -> Submission of an abstract

The congress will cover a broad range of topics:

  • Topic A - Functional Materials and Device
    Coordinator: E. Quandt, M. Hoffmann: 11 Symposia

  • Topic B - Structural Materials
    Coordinator: C. Leyens, M. Heilmaier: 16 Symposia

  • Topic C - Synthesis and Processing
    Coordinator: R. Riedel, S. Mathur: 11 Symposia

  • Topic D – Characterisation
    Coordinator: A.R. Kaysser-Pyzalla, C. Hébert: 12 Symposia

  • Topic E - Modelling and Simulation
    Coordinator: K. Albe, P. Gumbsch: 11 Symposia

  • Topic F - Biomaterials
    Coordinator: K.D. Jandt, T.F. Keller, A.R. Boccaccini: 10 Symposia

  • Colloquium of Honour Ludwig Schultz
    Coordinator: J. Eckert, J. Freudenberger: 3 Symposia

  • Guest Country BRAZIL
    Coordinator: P.D. Portella, F. Rizzo: 6 Symposia

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