Extending limits – Collaborating with Technet_nano

Interview with Dr Jürgen Carstensen
Dr Jürgen Carstensen, ET&TE, talks about the cooperation with Technet_nano.
The German company ET&TE (Etch and Technology GmbH) is specialised in electrochemical microstructuring of semiconductors and in characterisation of solar cells. The company produces porous semiconductor substrates depending on the application, and sells electrochemical etching equipment.



What was the project with Technet_nano about? What are the key results?
We did photolithography on 6 inch wafers. The structure was a quadratic array of circles of 1 micron in diameter. Such structures are difficult to accomplish by standard contact lithography because the dimensions are at the limits of the capability of the equipment. For this reason, the quality of the coating and the cleanness of the clean room are extremely important. It was possible to obtain the lithography that we wanted at the Swedish Technet_nano partner “Electrum Laboratory”, thanks to the automatic facilities for spin coating.


How did you get in contact with the Technet_nano partner?
We got in contact with Electrum Laboratory through Professor Rainer Adelung, from the University of Kiel in Germany, a partner of the Technet_nano. ET&TE is a spin-off company of the University of Kiel.


What are your experiences with Technet_nano? What could you recommend to other companies?
For us it has been a very good experience in order to get to know the capabilities of Electrum Laboratory, for possible future projects. We can really recommend other companies to participate, to make tests for projects. The broad range of competencies and tools assembled raise the chance that their needs are fulfilled.  

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