Workshop with a lot of attendance of companies

“Micro- and nanotechnology for light control and solar energy harvesting” - this was the topic of the second thematic workshop within the Interreg IVB project Technet_nano. The event took place on 13th June 2013 at Hotel Jurmala SPA in Jurmala (Latvia). About 50 scientists and entrepreneurs from the Baltic Sea region attended the workshop to discuss the latest developments in the field of micro- and nanotechnology.


The aim of this workshop was to discuss the state of the art research and technology transfer in the field of micro- and nanotechnology especially regarding solar energy related issues and also to promote collaboration between SMEs and research institutions.

Teresita Qvarnström from Acreo Swedish ICT (Kista, Sweden) introduced the network Technet_nano and proposed companies to get in contact with the partners of the network. Interested companies are invited to visit the clean rooms and laboratories of the partner organisations and to develop new ideas for joint projects.

The workshop included participants from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. A number of SMEs also attended the workshop - GroGlass Ltd., Sidrabe Inc., Alfa Inc., KEPP EU Ltd., Naco Technologies Ltd., Hologramma Ltd., Biosan Ltd. and others.


Exchange of knowledge

The presentations were given by both - SMEs and Technet_nano partners. These included “Next generation technologies for PV SC and/or modules based on nanotechnologies" (Karolis Liepuonius, SME Modernios E-Technologijos, Lithuania), “Solar cells and energy efficient organic lighting systems” (Jacob Balle, University of Southern Denmark), “General presentation on experience of Lithuanian PV cluster developing strategies for successful PV business in globalised economy” (Juras Ulbikas, Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies, Lithuania) and many others. Representatives from the Enterprise Europe Network introduced the SMEs to their services, a representative from the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia gave a presentation on joint research funding opportunities in Latvia and a representative from European Patent Office’s PATLIB project introduced the opportunities related to patent search at University of Latvia.


 List of Presentations:

  • Welcome
    Prof. Indrikis Muiznieks, Vice rector, University of Latvia

  • Introduction to project Technet_nano and project partners
    Dr James Hoyland, SDU Sonderborg

  • Next generation technologies for PV SC and/or modules based on nanotechnologies
    Karolis Liepuonius, SME Modernios E-Technologijos, Lithuania
  • Solar cells and energy efficient organic lighting systems
    Jacob Balle, SDU Sonderborg
  • Cluster tool for Solar cell CLD
    Sidrabe, Latvia

  • Fabrication of Si for solar cells
    KEEP EU, Latvia

  • Large area transparent antireeflective coating for solar applications
    Gro Glas, Latvia

  • General presentation on experience of Lithuanian PV cluster developing strategies for successful PV business in globalized economy
    Juras Ulbikas, PROTECH, Lithuania

  • Monolithic and hybrid integration of nano/micor structures onto optoelectric devices for loght steering and harvesting
    Dr Qin Wang, Acreo Swedish ICT, Sweden

  • Smart window technologies at ENCC
    Dr Ilmar Kink, Estonian Nanotechnology Compentence Center, Estonia

  • "Optimum Driving Conditions Study for Digital Micromirror Devices"
    Kriss Osmanis, EuroLCDs, Latvia

  • Thin film coatings by magnetron sputtering
    Naco Technologies, Latvia

  • Elements of diffractive optics
    Dr Teteris Janis, Hologramma, Latvia

  • Microelectronics activities in SME Alfa
    Zaslavskis Alex, Alfa, Latvia

  • Temperature controlled laminar flow cabinet
    Bankovskis Pavels, SME Biosan, Latvia

  • Financing opportunities for SME in Latvia
    Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, Latvia

  • Patent search for SMEs, PATLIB project
    Reinis Markvarts, University of Latvia, Latvia

  • Enterprise Europe Network
    Svarcbaha Dzintra, Enterprise Europe Network, Latvia