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2014-03-21_New beginning for Technet_nano
On 20th of March 2014 the Technet_nano project partners met at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg for the official closing of the project. They presented latest findings on biotechnology, medicine and smart materials to show the various fields of application of nano- and microtechnology.
The cooperation of the involved research institutions in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland was so effective and fruitful that the partners signed a memorandum of understanding stating their intent to continue the joint work.

2014-03-13_Future trends and potentials in micro- and nanotechnology
Interview with Dr Frank Osterwald, Danfoss Silicon Power.

2014-03-05_Thematic Workshop on Energy efficiency through smart microcomponents
On Friday 17th of January SDU Sønderborg hosted a workshop on energy efficiency through smart microcomponents. Detlef Friedrich began the talks with an excellent overview of the Fraunhofer Institute of Technology’s work on power electronic components and in particular the insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT). 


2014-01-02_Data Base for Easy Access to Project Examples
We launched our web data base giving an insight into projects developed by Technet_nano partners. Get inspired by technology solutions within various applications fields such as Automation & Process, Communication, Consumer Products, Energy & Environment, Life Science, Safety & Security, Space & Aerospace, and Transportation.
View Web Data Base

2013-12-01_Thematic workshop on Breakthroughs in sensor technology
110 participants from seven European countries gathered at Kista, Stockholm for a very giving 2-day event to discuss the latest advances in sensor technology and their applications. Half of the attendees represented the local industry. Product developers willing to discuss innovation in sensor technologies.


2013-11-05_Third Newsletter Published
This newsletter informs among others about the new data base full of projects and ideas for cooperation. Online research within various applications fields. The newsletter addresses innovators and stakeholders interested in high technology research and development. Please click here for the publication:
Newsletter No3

2013-10-23_Extending limits – collaborating with Technet_nano
Dr Jürgen Carstensen, ET&TE, talks about the cooperation with Technet_nano. The German company Etch and Technology GmbH is specialised in electrochemical microstructuring of semiconductors and in characterization of solar cells. Interview with Dr Jürgen Carstensen


2013-09-23_scientists and entrepreneurs at the workshop in Kaunas
On 17th September 2013 about 50 scientists and entrepreneurs from the Baltic Sea region attended the Technet_nano workshop in Kaunas, Lithuania. They discussed the state of the art research and technology transfer in the field of micro- and nanotechnology in advanced sensor technologies and also to promote collaboration between SMEs and research institutions. More



2013-08-20_New Surface coating set-up at tartu
Our partners at the University of Tartu in collaboration with Tartu Science Park and Estonian Nanotechnology Competence Centrehave recently equipped themselves with a new spray set-up. This machine is used for coating flat surfaces with thin films in a ventilated chamber. The machine is equipped with an industrial microcontroller that allows for making, storing and recalling several programs. Various forms of spraying gas can be used.

Get in touch with us now for a chance to use the coating set-up for your business. Find out about the plentiful opportunities this technique can offer you.

2013-08-14_CAU and  sdu among founding members of nina sh, a society supporting nanotechnology in the north
The NINa project (Norddeutsche Initiative Nanomaterialien) has connected and supported players from nanotechnologies for more than eight years as a project. Now, it has turned into a non-profit society. The Technet_nano partners Rainer Adelung, University of Kiel and Horst-Günter Rubahn, Mads Clausen Institute, are two of the founding members.
Technet_nano benefits from this development due to the direct contact with an established network of regional companies that are interested in nanotechnology. This will raise SME’s awareness of Technet_nano, which hopefully leads to new projects and cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. More

2013-07-24_researchers from sdu and cau publish article on nanofibres in leading physics journal
Researchers from NanoSYD at the Mads Clausen Institute of the SDU have published in cooperation with the University of Kiel an article in the prestigious scientific journal Physical Review Letters. The article is about nanofiber plasmonic waveguides, which in the future can enable ultra-fast transfer of information technology (“Morphological tuning of the plasmon dispersion in dielectric-loaded nanofiber waveguides”).
Physical Review Letters is a weekly, international journal and the world’s foremost journal publishing short reports on significant fundamental research in all fields of physics. More: Read the abstract

2013-07-02_Second Newsletter Published
The project partners are pleased to announce the second newsletter of the Technet_nano network. In the current issue we present the new search data base where you can search easily for all our facilities, competencies, tools and services of our Technet_nano partners.
We also introduce our "Technet_nano Innovation Agents" - trained persons to identify your needs and give you a straightforward network contact. Please click here for the publication: Newsletter No2


2013-06-24_Mads clausen institute  hosts workshop on intelligent solar cells
Researchers and companies from different European universities were invited to the “Workshop on flexible and semi-transparent solar cells” held June 24 at the Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg.
The workshop featured researchers from Germany, Denmark and Sweden and covered topics ranging from thin-film solar cells and light energy harvesting to flexible solar, semi-transparent, and dye-sensitized solar cells. More


2013-06-13_workshop with a lot of attendance of companies
“Micro- and nanotechnology for light control and solar energy harvesting” - this was the topic of the second thematic workshop within the Interreg IVB project Technet_nano. The event took place on 13th June 2013 at Hotel Jurmala SPA in Jurmala (Latvia). About 50 scientists and entrepreneurs from the Baltic Sea region attended the workshop to discuss the latest developments in the field of micro- and nanotechnology. More: Workshop with a lot of attendance of companies


2013-06-04_sdu leads new large eu project on organic solar cells
Development of new types of energy devices based on organic materials – this is the focus of THINFACE. The new project is funded by the FP7 Marie Curie programme Initial Training Network (ITN) and has been granted around 3.8 million Euros for 14 stipends.
Lead partner is NanoSyd at the Mads Clausen Institute, Southern Denmark University. The network consists of five universities, a research organisation and two companies, which are located in Denmark, Italy, Austria, France and Spain. They will work together to assemble unique education profiles with focus on the competences and qualities demanded by industry.  More


The international conference "Functional materials and nanotechnologies" took place in Tartu, Estonia from 21th to 24th of April 2013. Technet_nano project partner, Toomas Plank, was one of the organizers of this expert event. His summary: "From Technet_nano point of view we had important discussions with scientists and companies during the conference." More: Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies 2013


2013-04-18_Myfab and NorFab User Meeting 2013Rainer Adelung
The Myfab and NorFab User Meeting 2013 at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, was enriched by the Technet_nano partners: Rainer Adelung, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, described "Multifunctional ZnO nanostructures: from viruses to microchips", Teresita Qvarnstrom contributed to the poster session. More


2013-04-10_Swedish Research Council
On 9th of April 2013, Nils Nordell, Technet_nano project partner, met Kåre Bremer, member of the Swedish Research Council, for a broad discussion on national research infrastructures. 


2013-03-20_Sucessful Thematic Workshop in Flensburg
The first thematic workshop within the framework of the project called “Cutting edge technologies: Microfluidics, Lab-on-chip-technologies and Robotic high-throughput screening”. The event took place on 20th March 2013 at Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Flensburg (Germany). About 50 scientists and entrepreneurs from the Baltic Sea region attended the workshop to discuss the latest developments in the field of micro-and nanotechnology. More: Successful Thematic Workshop in Flensburg


2013-03-14_First Newsletter published
The Technet_nano partners are delighted to announce the publication of their first Newsletter. Download here


2013-02-28_High number of companies visit Technet_nano
In 2012 altogether 123 companies visited Technet_nano partners and their clean room and lab facilities in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania. The purpose of these site visits is to bring the SMEs into close contact with the high technology offers of Technet_nano partners. These personal visits encourage companies to use this technology for improving their products and thus their market potential. Technet_nano will intensify the dialogue with enterprises this year even more through the close cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

2013-02-02_Questionnaire to identify needs of industry
The project partners started a survey of SMEs in the field of micro and nanotechnology. The aim is to identify and validate the industrial needs and demands of 200 SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region. The survey will end on 22th of February.

One of the reasons of mismatch between the needs of the industry and the services offered by the science is an indolence of common expectations and insufficient knowledge of the demands. To overcome this problem a questionnaire was developed and disseminated to the idenfied target group.

Click here for the questionnaire

2012-12-20_Strong interest in project activities in Lithuania
There is a strong interest in the activities of the Technet_nano project from Lithuanian side. During the last months the partners were invited to several conferences presenting their concept:

  • 14th International Conference-School “Advanced Materials and Technologies”, Palanga, Lithuania. Dr Nils Nordell (KTH, Sweden) gave a lecture “Semiconductor Processing – from Research to Production”.
  • National conference "Materials Engineering 2012", Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • International conference "Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem" Kaunas, Lithuania.

2012-12-06_technology transfer and european enterprise network

The Technet_nano project now involves the Technology Transfer staff with the communication of the Technet_nano network to SMEs and the distribution of the Technet_nano services, furthermore it will be integrated into the development of the Thematic Workshops in 2013.

At the Joint Project Meeting on 21st January 2013 in Hamburg, Germany, the Technology Transfer staff of the Technet_nano partner organisations will meet each other and members of the Enterprise Europe Network in order to define communication standards. 

2012-11-16_MCi Technet launch EVENT

The Mads Clausen Institute (MCI), from the University of Southern Denmark, organised on 15th of November the launch event for it's new technology transfer unit MCI_TECHNET. MCI TECHNET is a part of the university wide unit SDU ERHVERV. The main object of the new local service point MCI_TECHNET is to enhance the collaboration between university and economic sector in all areas of high and advanced technologies. At the opening event five presentations from collaboration partners outside MCI described successful projects between companies and the MCI - from joint PhD projects over start up companies to international networks such as Technet_nano. Furthermore the participants went on a tour through different laboratories of the institute: Power electronics laboratory, cleanroom, development laboratories and even on top of the roof of the institute. With the launch of MCI_TECHNET a new era started within the close collaboration of the companies within the Danish–German region.

2012-09-11_Report on best-practice models and transferability to the project

The currently finalised report on best-practice models and transferability to the Technet_nano network presents the practices of other networks.

The challenges and opportunities of making bridges between public research institutions and private industry have long been appreciated as has the value of encouraging international collaboration on technology and innovation. As a result there have been many attempts to form networks and communities of common interest to encourage these activities. Their experiences should guide the organization of Technet_nano.

In summary the project partners have identified a number of services and practices of networks which are common among successful networks. The findings regards workshops and seminars, feasibility studies, pre-surveys and patent searches as well as communication practices.

Click here for download

2012-07-10_Website online

Technet_nano is proud to launch the project logo and the website. The logo and website design reflects core characteristics of the network.

Technet_nano should be perceived as logical, technical, intelligent, complex as well as friendly, present and vivid at the same time.  This project identity is a corner stone guiding the development of joint services, a network brand and the communication with the potential customers from SMEs.

2012-06-08_Joint Project Meeting in Germany

The Technet_nano partners met in Kiel, Germany, from 7-8 of June 2012. At the joint meeting hosted by Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet zu Kiel.

The participants discussed following issues:

·         The specialisation of the network partners and of the clean rooms and how to join these resources.

·         The current level of services offered by the partners to SMEs and industry from different branches.

·         The next steps of the setup of an Industry Advisory Group.

·         Good practice models of networks in the area of high technology and how to transfer them to Technet_nano.

The intensive discussions led to important conclusions for the strategic development of Technet_nano. The meeting results will feed into the finalisation of the first project outputs focusing on the conception of the network.
After the meeting the scientists had the opportunity to get acquainted with the clean room located at the Faculty of Engineering at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.
The next joint project meeting will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, from 24-26 of September 2012.

2012-05-15_Financial officers meeting in Denmark

The financial officers met in Sønderborg, Denmark, on 15 of May 2012.

The lead partner and the project management, dsn, invited to this meeting to streamline the financial management and development of the financial reports between the partners. Moreover, the participants used the platform to ask questions related to EU regulations to be observed and the reporting process. The partners agreed to continuously share their experiences throughout the project’s lifetime.

2012-05-04_Workshop on "Scenario Based Design"

The leaders of the work packages and partners from business development agencies met in Berlin on 4 of May 2012 to carry out a scenario based design work shop.
Via this method the partners identified typical customers from industry who represent future clients of Technet_nano services. The Technet_nano partners discussed potential problem scenarios and specific needs of SMEs from different branches during their product development process. On this basis Technet_nano aims at developing tailored services to SMEs giving access to micro- and technology facilities and research services. The analysis will feed into the definition of the Technet_nano offer and its marketing to the potential customers.

2012-01-17_Kick-off-meeting in Denmark

The project partners met on 17 of January 2012 at the Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark, for the Kick-off meeting.
The partners discussed the vision of Technet_nano giving straight forward access to high technologies in the Baltic Sea Region. Moreover the partners analysed the success factors of the project, went through the work plans and teamed up in the single work packages. The partners agreed on the next steps starting with the project work and production of the single outputs.

2011-09-30_Technet_nano project approved

The Monitoring Committee of the Baltic Sea Region Programme approved the Technet_nano project during its meeting in Berlin on 27-28 of September 2011. 

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